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Wellness Golf - Pizá Golf

Wellness Golf™ Chablé a Marvel of Sustainable Architecture

The professionally designed complex is located on the resort’s 750 acres surrounded by a lush Mayan forest. Perfect for families or groups of all ages and skill levels to play together or individually, the course features nine tee boxes spanning up to 200 yards in distance, four unique greens with two or three pins and multiple hazards. Distinct shot values and angles, in tandem with the serene environment, will create a challenging, yet relaxing experience for all to enjoy. Regardless of the fixed routings. We want you to enter the course and unlearn what you know about traditional golf. Begin and end a round at any point and create and conquer unique challenges at leisure.

Pizá Golf - Agustín Pizá

Of course, for us it was a complete challenge since Chable is a multi-award-winning resort. This inspire us to create a concept that we branded Wellness Golf™.

The idea behind Wellness Golf™ was to create a unique space which the guests can connect with the natural elements whilst they enjoy one of the best boutique golf complexes in the world. This will encourage players to expand beyond the mental and physical aspects of the game and connect on a spiritual, emotional and environmental level. Guests are encouraged to play barefoot and connect with nature. The first course of its kind to encourage a relaxed approach to ‘the game of life’ will welcome golf enthusiasts and beginners alike at the renowned resort.

Wellness Golf - Pizá Golf

THE WELLNESS GOLF™ Architecture concept was recently showcased at the USGA Innovative Symposium in Japan and at MIPIM 2019 in Cannes, France; with great acceptance. The golf course is played on multi-modal, depending on the environment you want to generate and the mood of each player. In the end it is designed to play in any format you choose, in 90 minutes maximum.

The sustainable golf course construction started June 2018 and took 6 months to build and 3 months to establish the grass. Fantastic wall to wall Tif-grand Bermuda.

Our scope of work was finding the best and most original design for an already established resort. Execute the design and deliver a turn key operation to our client through our supervision, quality control and project management services. The grass sculpture by Pizá Golf offers guests the perfect environment to enjoy a game of golf with individual activeness at the forefront.

This concept is a multi-model design inspired as well from the game boards we grew up with. Those you could play Chinese Checkers, Checkers and Chess on the same board. At Chable we can play multi model games and challenge ourselves as easy and as hard as we feel like it.

I would like to thank our client Chable Resort for placing their trust in us and being as “Crazy” as us to believe in this never before seen concept. Also, to all our team of experts, shapers, finishers and installers. As well as our labor workers that bust their backs out there believing in our work and delivering quality and hard hours in the heat.

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Agustín Pizá - Pizá Golf

Agustín Pizá