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Agustín wears his tartan with pride and cherishes the Scottish culture

The kilt is a Scottish skirt that men use; it represents the history and traditions of Scotland. Nowadays it is usually used in big events, like weddings, balls, the Braveheart movie or an interview in your alma mater.

Architect Pizá had a triumphant return in August to the University of Edinburgh. A University that´s ranked amongst the top 50 in the world. Here, he had the honor of completing a master´s degree in golf architecture, class of ‘04.  “Graduating from this school was a “major” in my career”.

“When I graduated, I got hired in the States by Robert von Hagge, which at that time was one of the top five firms in the world. That was a sign that I was doing the right thing..”Read more…

Hat-Trick for Pizá Golf

Build Architecture Awards for Best Golf Resorts Specialist. #buildawards2019

In our first 21 years we´ve had the privilege of learning, supervising and/or contributing with the top planners in the world.

At Pizá Golf we take every lesson learned, place it in our mixer and create very well balanced sustainable and profitable #masterplancommunities

Golf as a tool for life

#ErikAndersLang visited our chapter Las Maravillas in Puebla, to see how #Firstteemexico  is impacting in a positive way the lifestyle of our children through golf. Instilling values such as discipline, perseverance and companionship.

Wanna know more? Here we share this unique experience:

Erik Anders Lang- Youth Golf in México

Twin Dolphin Club. Foto Evan Schiller

Forbes interview

Don’t miss this interview with Architect Pizá on Forbes.

With more than 220 golf courses, Mexico has been successfully positioned as one of the favorite countries for golf lovers. Read more… (Spanish)