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Piza Golf

This year, we celebrate 15 years of Pizá Golf! We couldn’t be more thrilled about our continuous development and this marvelous journey we’ve shared with all of you.

For years, we have been designing and developing golf courses that push the industry norms, and the risks we took have been rewarded. Our work has been published in more than 15 countries and in eight languages around the world. We’ve collaborated in different stages on many projects, from Europe and Africa to all corners of Latin America, now we’re ready to test our talent in the U.S. market with our design studio in San Diego, California.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be recognized in the media at the “Top of the Industry”, with all our efforts and creative approaches, innovating what we know as a golf facility.

To know we’re headed in the right direction with our concepts, artistic expression, and philosophy is gratifying. Our sustainable promise and inclusive ideas are a significant part of what makes Pizá Golf an architectural success, but what makes the most difference is your trust and support. Thank you, and here’s to another 15 years!

Wellness Golf for the Future


We are very proud to reveal our latest golf course project: “The Ranch”, a Multi-Purpose design that expands upon our coined concept Wellness Golf.

“The Ranch” is developed with the intention of creating an inclusive, multi-use space that promotes health, happiness, and well-being. Our innovative approach allowed us to create an inventive and fun 18-hole circuit that mixes 3, 9, 12, or 18-holes, all in an area of 25-acres.

So far, this design has received high praise, accolades, and awards, most recently from Architecture Press Release, honoring the concept with a Global Future Design Award. We are fortunate and humbled that their esteemed group of judges recognized the vision, the beauty, and the playability of something we’ve worked so hard on.

It features two contemporary comfort stations, one located to the south and the second on the lake. The circuit is bordered by a golf cart and maintenance path that also serves as a professional dirt bike path. “The Ranch” is a private golf facility positioned on a ranch estate in Mexico, and it is estimated to be completed in 2022.

Maui Jim Sunglasses


Having the ideal equipment while designing a facility or playing golf makes a big difference in our industry. You get to the top using the best tools in a creative way.

The right pair of sunglasses is essential, as the sunlight can skew reality and change what you see on the green, especially when we are in the design and construction stage. Precision is vital when it comes to award-winning golf courses.

That is why Agustín Pizá is a proud Maui Jim® Ambassador. Their Golf Sunglasses use patented PolarizedPlus2® lenses that virtually eliminate glare and enhance depth perception while blocking harmful sun rays, overall improving your golf experience and giving you a vibrant sight, perfect for enjoying the beauty of nature while you play.

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