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Piza Golf

Pizá Golf, internationally recognized as a world-class architecture and golf course design firm, announced the opening of their offices in San Diego, California. The company’s growth and potential in the North American market influenced the decision to establish these additional offices.

“We are excited and ready for this expansion. For the past two decades, we have been designing innovative and award-winning golf courses in Latin America, but potential projects and partnerships in the United States have spurred on this strategic business step. So, we committed to this market not only with offices but also with staffing. We are confident that this move is an investment for the company’s future as well as our clients,” commented Agustin Pizá, Founder of Pizá Golf.

The new Pizá Golf offices in San Diego, California are the company’s second location. Their corporate offices are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and will remain their headquarters.

“We can’t think of a better location. San Diego is an important golf hub; Carlsbad is just North of us, and San Diego is the only Bi-National airport in Tijuana with CBX which provides a straight connection to anywhere in the world. Plus, LAX is a short distance away,” added Pizá.

A commemoration for greatness


On March 29th we celebrate the anniversary of one of Pizá Golf’s most notable projects: “Wellness Golf™” facility at the Chablé Resort.

Under our “Wellness Golf™” concept, this multiple award-winning golf course in Yucatán, México, is played on multi-modal, inspired by the board games Agustín Pizá would play in his childhood.

For this type of facility, we promote the well-being of beginners, professionals, and non-players alike, creating a welcoming space that allows visitors to connect with nature and relax. Instead of focusing only on the mental and physical benefits of golf, they can explore the spiritual and emotional ones as well.

Pizá Golf’s sustainable and inclusive designs are relevant as the world faces the unexpected challenges of COVID 19. They provide a sense of comfort, happiness, and well-being which is so important in these trying times. The open spaces allow people to gather and hang out but, remember to be six feet apart.

Creating a bright future

First Tee México is working on a new program called “Life Skills Experience”, which consists of creating appropriate learning opportunities that assist the development of players and their needs.

Through a progressive series of educational activities and experiences, coaches help them develop the ability to analyze options and make their own life decisions, building character, and instilling enriching life values through golf.

First Tee’s main goal is to ensure that each certified participant on either of our levels (Player, Par, Birdie, Eagle and Ace) acquires good knowledge of golf and important life skills, as well as healthy physical habits.

Attitude of Gratitude

As a company that strives for sustainability. IWC creates luxury watches that last a lifetime, reducing waste, and using high-quality, ethically sourced materials in their manufacture.

Following an environmental philosophy as well, we believe in making the world a better, greener place for future generations, using our talents to innovate our respective industries.

With our sustainable architectural style, we work to enhance the beauty of nature, designing spaces that benefit the land, facility owners, and guests.

“We are deeply proud to call Agustín Pizá our collaborator and ambassador. A magnificent architect who has specialized in the design of Wellness and Lounge Golf Courses. Not only has he worked with some of the most talented golfers and designers the world has to offer but is also redefining the traditional golf course concept by integrating SUSTAINABILITY as a priority in his world-class designs. A topic that is at the very heart of the production of all IWC Schaffhausen products. We congratulate him and are excited to further develop”

-Obin O. Mendez – Mexico Country Manager
IWC Schaffhausen

We appreciate our supporters on this journey, thank you.