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Pizá Golf reaffirms its international quality by inaugurating Itanhangá Golf and Polo Club. The re-opening of this prestigious club was on November 16 through 20 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The event was attended by celebrities and distinguished members of distinct golf courses in the country.






To follow the story prior to the opening, we invite you to watch the following videos:

Departure message to Rio de Janeiro by Aeroméxico (Spanish)

Analysis of hole 18 (Spanish)




Marcio Weber- Itanhangá Golf & Polo Club President.




Gil Zdanowski-Director ProGolf

Jorge Ben-Jor, Musician




Quickly Puerto Vallarta is becoming synonymous with world-class golf. The golf course at EL TIGRE inside Paradise Village, home course of Agustín Pizá, has increased its standard with its new high-level facilities and its exclusive Country Club.

EL TIGRE golf course has been described as “one of the most challenging in México” and a visual work of art for all golfers.

Agustin Pizá claims it as one of the best “tests” in golf our country has to offer.

Visit El Tigre Paradise Village:

Video: Hole 4 El Tigre Country Club(Spanish)


As part of their continuous education program, golf superintendents met at the XVIII National Seminar, organized by the Association of Golf Course Superintendents of México. Agustín Pizá was invited invited as a speaker because of his career and leadership on an international level. The chat “golf outside its environment and design trends” was a success among the participants.

We congratulate the Association of Superintendents of México for their professionalism and all golf superintendents for their hard work in maintaining our golf courses.

Video: Recognition to the members of the ASCGM (Spanish)



Should the bunkers be raked or not?

Video: Click Here

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Arq. Agustín Pizá interviews Henrik Stenson (PGA Tour player)





Video: Henrik Stenson Interview (English)