``His designs have been noted for their strategy, aesthetics and character``

Award winning architect Agustín Pizá is the first Latin American to earn a masters degree in golf course architecture from Edinburgh University, and to become a Senior Member of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects. Agustín began his career on three of Mexico’s most recognizable golf course projects – Palmilla, El Dorado and Querencia, all in Los Cabos. Pizá is recognized on an international level for his quality, creativity, dedication and passion for everything he does.
Involved in more than 50 projects in 3 continents; Pizá has been published in Forbes, Revista Expansión, Obras Magazine, Canadian Magazine Golf Course Architecture London, Golf & Tourism in Brazil, among others.


100 most creative Mexicans in the world.
Forbes Magazine 2020.
Best Golf Resort Architecture Specialists
Build Architecture Awards 2019.
First place in Global Future Awards 2019 Project “Wellnes Golf™ Chablé”
Architecture Press Release.
Third place in Global Future Awards 2019 Project “Green Complex BSS The Pitt”
Architecture Press Release.
“The top 100 architects in México”

Top Magazine 2019

Top 25 Sustainable Architects in the world

– Green Planet Architects – 2014.

Honorary Mention in Sustainability “Project of the Year Awards” 2014

Obras/Expansion Magazine.

International Quality Award “Elite” trajectory and leadership

Global Quality Foundation 2014

Remodel of the Year award 2014

Golf lnc. Magazine

USA. 2nd Place

“Las Parotas”Huatulco, Oaxaca

Top TEN most innovative architectural firms in Mexico 2014

Obras/Expansion Magazine.

Consolidated within the “Mexican Leaders” 2014

Proyecto 40 Channel.

TED Talk Speaker 2014

“Success is a consequence”.

Winner of IWC Talent of the Year award

2009-Expansion Magazine-Edition “30 Talents in their 30’s”.


Jack Nicklaus Signature
El Dorado Golf Resort Los Cabos, México.
Jack Nicklaus Signature
Palmilla Golf Resort Los Cabos, México.
Tom Fazio
Querencia Private GC Los Cabos, México.
Robert von Hagge
La Herradura GCC Monterrey, México
Andy Dye
Los Cafetales (1° Etapa) Xalapa, México.
Ken Moodie
Vicars Cross Inglaterra, Reino Unido.
Moortown Leeds, Inglaterra.
Upton Chester, Inglaterra.
Macclesfield Inglaterra, Reino Unido.
Coombe Hill Londres, Inglaterra.
Robert von Hagge
Torreon Golf Club Arizona, Estados Unidos.
Eastwood Golf Club Florida, Estados Unidos.
Whiskey Springs Whiskey Springs, E. U. A.
Santa Anna GC Genova, Italia.
RSHECC Madrid, España

Talks and keynote speaker at symposiums around the world

– 2018- Sevilla, Spain .

– 2018-Cancún, México.

– 2018- Bruges, Belgium.

– 2017- Oklahoma State University , USA.

– 2017 – Guanajuato, México.

– 2017- Malaga, Spain.

– 2016 Monterrey, México.

– 2016 – Puerto Vallarta, México.

– 2016 – Tijuana, México.

– 2015 – Tijuana, México.

– 2015 – Rosarito, México.

– 2015-Varadero, Cuba.

– 2014 – Tijuana, México.

– 2013- Celaya, México.

– 2013- Cancún, México.

– 2012 Mexico City, México.

– 2012-Nice, France.

– 2011-Puerto Vallarta, México.

– 2011- Havana, Cuba.

– 2009-Zacatecas, México.

– 2009-New Orleans, USA.

– 2008- Celaya, Guanajuato.

– 2008- Mexico City, México.

– 2007- Monterrey, México.

– 2005- Acapulco, México.